1980 - today: Member of Amnesty International, Group 1275 (focus: human rights, especially for women and children) 

1988 - today: maintaining the Pakistani German relations and cultures. He has a very good contact with the Pakistani and German parliamentarien 

1994 - 1996: Spokesman of the Pakistan & German Welfare and Cultural Association, 

1997 – 2009: Vice Chairman of the Pakistan German Welfare and Culture Association. (Every second year have been re-elected) 

1999 - November 2018: Branch incharge of the Pakistan & German Welfare and Culture Association (Ratingen, Düsseldorf and surroundings) 

1995 - 2014: - Member of the Ausländerbeirat / integration of the city of Ratingen (including two time as a vice-chairman of integration). 

- Member of Provincial Advisory Council (Provinz NRW) 

1996 - 2001: Honorary Member of the Oberhausener peace initiative (including multiple stakes in international peace - conferences) 

2003 - present: With the cooperation of the Agenda 21 Working Group of the City Ratingen and the Pakistan German Welfare and Culture Association several projects carried out in Pakistan. 

For example: 

- In several villages, water supply, 

- Solar Pump Station 

- Computers for Pupils of Class 1-10 (high school) for the 

Education of poor children 

- A primary school in the earthquake zone in Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir 

- Built some houses in the flood relief area in Pakistan (flood 2010) through the city council Ratingen 

Since 2003 until today he is very active in german politics especially in the party "Bündnis 90/Die Grünen”. Now the party is the third biggest party in Germany. 

2004: received the Peace Prize of the Institute of Peace and Developement (INSPAD) because of the commitment to human rights for women and children in Pakistan and for the use of Relationship between India and Pakistan by the government NRW and the former German President Johannes Rau. Since Years, he writes as a freelance journalist for several newspapers in Pakistan on conflict resolution between India and Pakistan and between religious groups within and outside Pakistan. 

2005 - 2014: he is a freelance Journalist who is working as a Bureau Chief for the weekly magazine Chikara and the monthly magazine Global Friends. 

2006: Because of the volunteer activities in many organizations in Germany, he received the Provincial Award NRW on 1.12.2006 for the global day of the Voluntary work by the German Ex-Minister Armin Laschet and nowadays chief-Minister of Province North-Rhine-Westfalia

2007: Elected as the first deputy chairman Integration of the city of Ratingen. 

Since 01.2008 - 05.2014: Member of the Council of the City Ratingen the party Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen 

 The Ratingen City have a population of 92.000 and it is a big industrial center for big international companies. Ratingen is in the Province of Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany. 

Since 2009 - 2014 he is in the social board, school board and integration board as a member. 

Since 2014 - today member of the culture and tourist board of the City and deputy member of the social board

Since 9. june 2016 elected at the Circle Meeting for the candidate list for the next election for prevention assembly and national assembly as a substitute delegate

Since November 2012 - November 2020 he is elected as a member of the board of director in German Green Party (Bündnis 90 Die Grünen) OV Ratingen Germany
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June 2018: elected at the Circle Meeting for the candidate list for the next election for european parliament and german parliament as a delegate

Since 13. september 2020: Again elected as a city counsler for the next five years in city Ratingen. Also a member of the social, cultural, building and awarding committee and deputy to the NRW city and community association and the integration committee.